The Institutional Embeddedness Of Local Inter-firm Networks

The Institutional Embeddedness Of Local Inter-firm Networks 1

There can be an increasing concern for the notion of ‘embeddedness’ of financial activity; the conceptualization of the concept and its own operationalization stay underdeveloped yet. First, embeddedness may concern, on the one hand, the structure of relations that tie economic actors together (structural embeddedness) and, on the other hand, the social strands supplementing financial strands in each relation (substantive embeddedness).

In this paper, a network construction is specified which proposes several layers or ‘purchases’ of embeddedness. Focusing on small firms, the true point of departure is individual exchange relationships as personal ties combining financial and social concerns. First-order embeddedness concerns the localized business networks created by combining these dyadic relations. Second-order embeddedness is achieved when considering also the memberships of business individuals in economic and sociable local establishments while third-order embeddedness concerns the special situations where these organizations bridge spaces between companies. The network model is operationalized and applied to a little Swedish industrial (furniture) community, its companies and financial/social establishments. The results generally support the applicability of the model and demonstrate the supplementarity of different layers/purchases of embeddedness. Further research challenges are deduced and implications for professionals are provided.

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