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Want to be a Hero? If so, follow these simple steps to gain more presence from your business market leaders, and to show more value to your boss. Go and read how to obtain the DB2 Web Query EZ-Install here. Please make certain that you understand the instructions and pre-requisites before proceeding with the installation process.

Try out some of the reports contained in the package. Get familiar with the features, functions and visual elements displayed in the illustrations. Step back and look at the features in a expansive and broad way. Consider what might be possible. Now, know what reports best exhibit positive characteristics and attributes that will resonate with your business market leaders.

You want to illicit a “wow!, we can do that?” response. Identify a number of key business leaders who you think need or want more timely and insightful information. Concentrate on the idea of providing new and various insight, in new and various ways, aesthetically. Make a scheduled appointment to demonstrate what you have in the package.

You want 30 to 60 minutes of uninterrupted time. Your goal is to show the potential of providing a lot more capability, effectively, by using new tools and new techniques. Ultimately, you would like a green light to go after a proof-of-concept or proof-of-technology using your own business’ data to solve a genuine problem.

And if they ask a question, such as: “can we incorporate weather data or ask Watson a question”, answer “yes!”. Do the demo. Show off. Be positive. Represent your ability showing real value. Following the demonstration has completed, give thanks to the business leader(s) for his or her time and attention. Declare that you will be following up with them to look for the next steps (for the evidence), and that you anticipate working together in the near future.

Leaders do not require permission. Given that you have lighted what’s possible and easily attainable, keep up the momentum. Define, design and initiate a meaningful task to do more with your computer data. Synergy with the business innovator to provide her or him with more understanding and information. To minimize the financial and technical risks, while simultaneously increasing the probably of success, get in touch with me or Doug Mack. All manner can be provided by us of direction, guidance and advice about turning your data into actionable information. This includes preparing you for that all important first demonstration and initial impression.

Users can provide other employees feedback on the performance right within the framework of a task in the professional services system, for example. The feedback is then documented in the HR system so that employee performance data is collected over summer and winter instead of during an annual performance review only. The firm also reports good uptake of the “supply chain management (SCM)” features that it acquired from Less Software, tripling its variety of customers for this functionality.

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  • Is your kind of practice an evergrowing or shrinking market
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  • Test ratings (e.g. GRE, GMAT)

As I pointed out last year, the term supply string management is something of a misnomer. There is absolutely no real warehouse management, transport management, or source chain planning. Rather, SCM in this context really identifies the detailed tracking of intangible and physical products from supplier, through inventory, to customers. This can best be seen with the top percentage of offers that Less Software, and FinancialForce now, did with VARs, resellers, and other technology industry channel partners.

FinancialForce is now able to track and process OEM rebates (a long-standing practice in channel businesses). Product costing allows costs to be accumulated by serial quantity (specific identification) and include landed cost (i.e. allocated inbound freight cost). That is a huge need for solution providers that transfer OEM products. Filling in the needs of today’s route partners, FinancialForce also has a full professional services automation system, and it supports subscription billing along with management of recurring revenue.

These are not trivial product features. It really is a testimony to the rapid development features of the Salesforce system that FinancialForce has had the opportunity to develop out these features in that small amount of time. Like Kenandy, FinancialForce is getting into bigger offers also, even though the brands are not open public yet.