Gowns FROM THE Grammys

Gowns FROM THE Grammys 1

Here are the best (and most confusing) of the night, according to yours truly. Ciara’s Best “goody” (sorry, had to reference my favorite song while I was 13) was definitely her baby bump! Honestly, this is the prettiest I’ve ever seen her! From your dress to the true face to the locks, it was all glowing and gorgeous! And the very best Dressed Couple would go to: John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. Taylor Swift doesn’t need a knight in shining armor tonight, because she’s wearing the chain email! My pal Spencer described on Twitter (I compulsively live-tweet the Grammys, obviously) Tay ditched her “signature” red lip tonight!

Fingers crossed she’s retiring it completely, because without that distracting lipstick, I can focus on the rest of her beautiful face, on point ponytail, and gleaming dress! Taylor’s friend Sarah Hyland may not be considering a musician, but she sure did rock the red carpet tonight! I thought she looked adorable, in an adult way, if that makes sense.

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Ariana Grande’s speaking tone of voice really irritated me on this Nickelodeon show I had formed to watch while fanning come early July, but she’s quite the crooner! I actually loved her hair and makeup tonight, and the Dolce dress grew on me. Still not caring the shoes. Colbie Caillet’s dress was my absolute favorite, while I watched the stars work the carpet. After viewing how all the dresses photographed, I’m between her and Taylor.

First of most, Nighttime Pharrell had quite the winning. Second of all, the guy is 40. And he appears 20. Third of all, I’m confident he’s channeling Smokey the Bear. Lots of people were enthusiastic about Katy Perry’s Valentino, but I was not one of them. It’s whimsical, and musical, just like Katy, but the tattered looking tulle on I was created by the shoulder blades feel me about any of it.

However, she’ll always be my “EASILY could look like one celebrity” go-to. Ugh. Sometimes I just don’t “get” Madonna. Just like Katy Perry, lots of individuals were all about this dress on Paris Hilton. The Grammys are fun always, because there’s a lot less talking and much more showing off skill! It should come as no surprise that the best performance of the night would be Taylor Swift carrying out All Too Well. Sure, I may not like the song, but how can you NOT be obsessed with Jay and Beyonce Z?

Like the powerful duo departing the stage collectively acquired me aww-ing audibly. Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons acquired everyone Taylor-Swift-dancing, and I mean that in the simplest way possible. Robin Chicago plus Thicke equal MUCH better than Robin Thicke plus Miley. I’m going to be honest: Daft Punk confuses me. Stevie Wonder does not.