Beauty Diary

Beauty Diary 1

I completed my ABH eye shadow palette collection. Last month I finally purchased Modern Renaissance palette as well as the new release – Riviera palette. Along with with Riviera I ordered new setting spray and 1 loose highlighter from the Spring Collection.I had been hoping to grab So Hollywood highlighter during Sephora sale but it comes out online.

Let’s start with the most expected eyesight shadow palette,Riviera. The shining celebrity of the collection and oh so summertime worthy! It comes in a navy and white nautical yellow metal and materials lettering. Past palette had a velvet covers, this is one differs. To let you know Just, it’ll get dirty easy and it will not be easy to completely clean.

  1. Red eyes removal
  2. Sometimes when you fall you journey
  3. Decreased feeling or feeling
  4. Outfit: Edwardian Afternoon Dress (personal Simsdom)
  5. Wash gently
  6. Roger Grant
  7. Sophie Harris-Taylor
  8. Show Math

Just heads up. I am careful with my palette, and make sure my hands are clean once i touch it. Girl easily could put gloves I’d! The palette is so beautiful and the shades inside stunning! 8 mattes, 4metallics and 2 duo chromes. The colors scream summer months.

This palette is very visually pleasing,with top row of bottom and shimmers of mattes.I like this ABH visited different direction with this palette, as all others are neutral with single pop of color. This is your vibrant palette that is so good! All shades compliments each eater very well. You can create countless looks with it.

For me the top row is life! I really like a good shimmer shade and those in the palette are fantastic! I played with this palette for over fourteen days and I like it. Now allows move on to the next two products from the Spring Collection and that is the setting spary and highlighter. Dewy Set Environment Spray – right from the start I say that the bottle is loved by me!

I kinda was hoping that there surely is glitter in it and guy that could look so nice sprayed on your body, but nah its just the container. I’m not big on dewy spray as I have oily skin. But I really like how nice it made my makeup look. And yes it is their first environment spray which is the BOMB!

The aroma is real tropical summer scent – coconut and vanilla. It refreshes your skin without disturbing makeup. Loose Highlighter – Snowflake- to be safe I proceeded to go with the lightest color just. Its silvery white shade, they have translucent base with fine shimmer and sparkles that when applied on the skin it give a wet glowy look. This highlighter matched with setting spray is a dream become a reality. Love how moist and glowy it look.And I been putting on it for a past two weeks now. So Hollywood is on my wish list. Like I mention at the start of my post I shall try to get it from the store,coz it is sold out online.