3 Must-Have Website Features That Convert Visitors Into Customers

Recently I had a conversation with a voiceover expert who acquired paid a good chunk of change to Google for his AdWords campaign. He got a lot of traffic (and paid Google for many clicks) but none of them turned into clients, or into potential clients even, for example. I took an instant take a look at his website and quickly noticed his problem — a major website sin dedicated by online business owners everywhere.

He expected that the people to his site would take him through to his invitation to get hold of him immediately to employ him upon learning about his services. What’s incorrect with that — isn’t a reasonable call to action? So, if you expect visitors to go from meeting you to hiring you immediately, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

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Instead of looking to immediately convert visitors into a paying customer, initiate a romantic relationship with your visitor. This means that you have a technique to go him through your like, know, and trust process so that he’s well familiar with you when he decides to he’s ready to buy your service.

What’s the trick to this relationship-building strategy? 1. An obvious call to action. This is true whether you have a 1 web page website or a 100 web page site. Your primary call to action, or your most desired response from your visitor, must be made crystal clear on your site.

I believe without a doubt that the decision to action that will get you the most profit the long-term is to capture your visitor’s contact info for some reason. Typically this happens because you’ve created an application where the visitor is asked to input his name and email address into that form. Why would someone part with his contact information willingly? Because you have created a compelling offer — your client capturing device.

2. A client-capturing device. A client-capturing device is a free giveway that is of value to your target market and serves as a remedy to a huge problem that difficulties your target market. Upon a time Once, the offer for a free ezine was sufficient to fully capture a visitor’s contact info.

Alas, that is longer the case no, so you have to up the ante and offer better value to your visitor even. Your client capturing device can take some of several formats — a PDF ebook, a recording of the teleclass, a 6- part ecourse, a brief downloadable video. In whatever form it may take, your client capturing device must provide some solid information to help your marketplace solve a pressing problem and not simply be a piece of fluff that advertises your business. In case your giveaway is all fluff no substance, you will have lost this prospective customer for good.

That’s not to say that you should not promote your business in this giveaway. That’s one of the purposes of the giveaway — to tell your prospect what action to take next, whether that’s to buy something, subscribe to your account website, call you for a free consultation, or buy your service.