Build Your First Web Service With PHP, MySql And JSON

Build Your First Web Service With PHP, MySql And JSON 1

Web services (program services) is one of the most crucial part of today development where we centralized or data and allow the user to gain access to that data from different resources like web, software, app etc.Web services provide Interoperability between two different languages. Web services are easy to comprehend or to made we can easily produce a web service of our website.

We are going to make a web service using REST method but I also give you a small summary of the SOAP method first. SOAP is Simple Object Access Protocol predicated on XML so that it readable. It really is simple XML structured protocol to exchange data between two different vocabulary. HTTP. REST web service system produces position code response in JSON or XML format.

Note. I revise this post and use MySQLi to make a REST service please follow this connect to create a web service using PHP MySQLi. Create a webservice using REST is very easy and take less time to make as compare to other. REST support all most commonly used HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE).

We use each one of these methods according to need. Now I am going to create a little application using REST. In this particular application a SignUp can be created by us, Get user Info and Update user status. Before creating this software it is strongly recommended that you have a basic understanding of PHP, MYSQL, JSON.

I later describe you that how exactly we may use this in Google android to access data from PHP centered webservice. Step one 1. I hope that you install WAMP or XAMPP in your computer already. Step 2 2. Now we need to set up chrome expansion for tests or web service therefore I use Advance REST Client.

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REST Client is very helpful to test or webservice. You simply follow the link I mention above and set up expansion in your Chrome browser. Step three 3. Now we will create our database http://localhost/phpmyadmin. Step 4. Now we have to develop a data handler document in php and url where we can handle demand information.

Now, after this we are in need of Advance Rest Client to send data to your page. Select the Request method Click on Add new value establish your value and data in it and click on send. That if you get done message! We get consumer info using GET method Now. I create a new php file to get user info once you have command with this you easily focus on a single page. Requester URL: URL: http://localhost/aneh/rest/info.php? On this we pass the user id in the url. We can upgrade user info using PUT method Now. To read about the Put method, follow this link.