Ulta May Be Reselling Used, Dirty Makeup, According To This Former Employee

Ulta May Be Reselling Used, Dirty Makeup, According To This Former Employee 1

I’m not going to lay – Ultra is one of the best places in the world undoubtedly. It offers a wide array of cheap makeup that a poor fashionista like me doesn’t believe that bad about splurging on, gives me the various tools to experiment with my look without feeling guilty about it. Let’s just say I might spend too much time there. But unfortunately, Ulta might have a filthy secret – quite literally just. Twitter user @fatinamxo, a former employee from one of the stores, tweeted a thread that doesn’t exactly put the business in a good light. Actually, it might cause you to entirely rethink heading there.

So I’m going to take up a thread about a serious matter because I feel like makeup fans should know what’s taking place nowadays. Ulta resells old Apparently, used makeup. THEREFORE I was a former employee at ULTA and every time a customer would come back with something, we were informed by managers to repackage / reseal that and put it back on the shelf. They would resell EVERYTHING. She goes on to show the difference between a fresh product vs.

For example this base (even sticks) they might clean it with a q-tip to make it look new. I’ll connect a photo of a fresh foundation vs. Apparently, at the store she worked well at, it was a pretty common practice. Managers would get pissed if they saw items in the damage bin that looked resell able. Though it seems like Ulta’s corporate offices is probably not 100% onboard with the practice. I contacted corporate and I had been surprised to listen to her say “well as it pertains to mascaras we definitely desire to be hygienic” I immediately cut her off and said what about lipsticks?

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They are reselling everything that they can clean up and make “new” again. She was speechless and explained along the relative lines of” I’ll check out the situation”. Apparently, it’s not only her store that does this – multiple people came forward to tell her that the stores they worked also resold used makeup, without proper sanitization often.

I thought it was only my store but looks like it’s most of them. It’s honestly something we should all be aware of when buying makeup. With the wonder community increasing, we should all be aware of what we are buying and putting on our face! This should be considered a warning to everyone.

Always check your makeup before you leave. Disclaimer: I’ve nothing at all against data as I talked about earlier this should be a caution to all beauty enthusiasts! People online are arriving forward to state that some of the merchandise they bought from Ulta, online, or waiting for you, were already used when they got them certainly. You are not safe online either. I needed swatch fingerprints in my ABH sugar glow package. 🙄🙄🙄 @ultabeauty @norvina1 it was truly disgusting. Ughhh I needed that happen with a lip liner I purchased, it was used.

Apparently it’s not absolutely all Ultas that practice this, but nonetheless – how do you know those do and those don’t? No, I would be calling really. I worked well at Ulta for years and we did this never. I had been the queen at damaging out stuff. I think that might be your store girl just! We don’t return products to the shelves if they’re returned, even if they’re only slightly used.