Is The Female Deadly

Is The Female Deadly 1

A couple of days ago, Claudia, the fabulous owner of Deadly is the feminine, flew from a whistle stop tour of Vegas back again. She was attending one of the primary trade shows in the world to source some fun new what to enhance the Deadly collection. Here at Deadly is the feminine, we know how important it is for all of us to be held up to date with next season’s fashions and all the new goodies developing, in the faux-vintage sector especially.

Vegas and we’re sticking to it! Pinup Idol, Bernie Dexter. We caught up with Claudia when she returned to truly have a chat with her about her trip and also to make sure she didn’t just spend all her time capturing of herself in the toilet mirror! Claudia, reveal a little about your visit to Vegas. Day there and moreover What do you get up to on your first, what do you wear? Well it was so hot in Vegas that, on the first day, I wore the Black Cherry Dress, as it is cool and easy to wear.

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The first fifty percent of Day One, I began at Mandalay Bay, where one of the trade shows was being kept. The trade shows were in two different venues up either final end of the remove, one is at Mandalay Bay and the other was at the Hilton Hotel so we had to obtain a shuttle bus between your two.

I began at Mandalay Bay quite early as I put a scheduled appointment with the Pinup Girl stand. I put a look over their new collection and placed an order for some Pinup Couture and Deadly Dames clothes. I then experienced a look around all of those other show to see that which was about.

That must have been fun, did you find anything interesting? Well, yes, I did so! So that appears like a pretty busy morning, do you make it to the next place? So you were in the city that never sleeps (although I believe that’s NY but hey, I question anyone gets either much sleep in Vegas!), what did you get yourself up to at night?

In the night time we decided to go to a location called the Cat House. The Kitty House is a burlesque-style membership and club at the Luxor Hotel. It was a great place and we enjoyed sticktails and free Vodka till midnight because of an extremely helpful doorman and 2 foxy girlfriends! Day Sounds like a great spot to end a jam-packed.

So what occurred on Day Two? Well as the elements were fairly hot (up to around 42 levels still!!) so I made a decision to wear the 40’s Dress in Olive Floral from last season. And after a slightly later than prepared start we proceeded to go straight back to the Hilton Hotel where I met the Pinup Goddess, Bernie Dexter.

She was tiny therefore lovely. She provided me a massive hug and said that she remembered me from last year’s trade show, which was a huge compliment. An order was placed by me with Bernie Dexter for some exciting new things, so keep an eye on the website because of their introduction.

I also re-ordered the Lenora dress in dark and added the blue to your collection – they’ll be arriving within the next little while – can’t wait around! They sold out SO quickly last time and are perfect for the fall (and I’d like one!). After such a busy day we headed out for a few Sushi with a few of the great people we met at the show, then going to Frankies Tiki Room for the Pinup Girl party and mini-tastic sticktails. It was a great night time and I brought home some souvenirs to increase my collection from this past year. Wow, or you fulfilled Bernie Dexter and she appreciated you from last?