Questions & Answers About Foods, Recipes, And Cooking, #14

Questions & Answers About Foods, Recipes, And Cooking, #14 1

The halls are un-decked, the trees (artificial) tucked back to their hiding places, and life continues on without twinkling lamps. The adornments are treasured by me of Xmas. I needed white lights in the house all over the place. She’s so right. For the Friday after Thanksgiving So I wait around again. And, in the meantime, I have you, my friends as well as your questions.

Is There AN EDGE To Aging Beef? Shouldn’t beef be aged until crimson -Butcher at large supermarket “manager’s special”? Eric, what a great question. All meat, even what you purchase on the cello tray with shrink-wrap covering is aged for 7-10 times. The process of hanging meat up in a managed environment is actually slow-motion decomposition. When you think from it that real way, it sounds a little nasty, does it not? Why is meat (or venison) allowed to “age?” It enhances both the flavor and tenderness. However, the meat industry devotes the minimum timeframe to this endeavor because of economics. How is meat sold?

Well, by the pound, of course, and the much longer that meats languishes in the meats locker, the greater moisture (and weight) that is lost. You’re probably thinking if you can dry age group your meat (I’m not speaking a part of beef here, just merely a steak for the grill) at home, in the refrigerator.

My friend Kenji do some extensive screening of the theory in his Food Lab. Important thing is that (1) it certainly fails and (2) a steak aged in your home refrigerator can (and frequently does) grab some funky flavors from other food stuffs stored therein. Isn’t “Fresh” Fish Actually Frozen WHEN It’s Caught?

Why do people believe that seafood caught at sea is still not iced which it very well is on the boat along the way home to the marketplace? Eric, exactly like Toto in “The Wizard of Oz” you have taken the curtain apart. You are absolutely right when you say that caught fish is flash-frozen aboard the fishing boat newly, keeping it intact and “fresh” longer nutritionally. In fact, all wild-caught fish, by law, needs to be frozen to be able to kill parasites.

In other words, unless you’re catching it yourself, there is no such thing as fresh, wild-caught seafood. Farm-raised is another whole tale, delivered without having to be iced often. However the consumption of farm-raised versus wild-caught is a controversy alone. We enter discussions of environmental security, sustainability, dietary content, mercury, GMO-based fish meal give food to, and the list continues on and on.

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  • 100-110kg = 8000kJ [1900cal]
  • Yoga facilitates weight reduction by activating deep deep breathing

Both edges have pros and cons, bad and good, yang and yin. Here is a link that will provide a lot more information than can be furnished here in this brief article. Last week we finished up with the “B” words and tossed in one “C” to even up the list. Would that make it a C minimal? Here are some more definitions for your enlightenment. Char – To seal in the flavor and juices of a food (such as meat) by blackening its surface in a skillet, over an open flame, or under a broiler. Chiffonade – The French term for a particular knife cut where herbal products and leafy greens are cut into very slim whitening strips, like ribbons.

The easiest way to achieve this is to build up the leaves then roll them (like a cigar). Then, take your sharpest blade and cut very slim pieces. Clarified butter – The upper portion, clear, liquefied and oil-like, of butter when it’s been allowed to melt slowly and stand without heat before solids have precipitated (dropped to the bottom of the container).

In India, it is called ghee. Removing those solids gives you to have the flavor of butter without as much threat of burning. Compound butter – butter creamed with herbal products, spices, garlic, wines, or whatever you wish. Perfect for completing sauces or jazzing up about any grilled or broiled foods just.