Review: Moonshot Micro-Setting Fit Cushion SPF50+ PA+++*

It’s been a hot-minute since I’ve reviewed a cushion foundation. I’ve so many cushions which I try to just don’t have time to review any cushions that don’t meet my criteria. And this review is coming from a brand that is new to me. Moonshot is a Korean makeup brand that is specifically created to give celebrities that natural flawless complexion. Since then, they have become popular quite quickly in the Asian market and have now expanded their range into color makeup as well.

They are famous for their cushion foundations. Let’s Face It and I am SO IMPRESSED! It’s the foundation that is missing in my own life. These are definitely some daring claims for just about any brand to be making that gave me high expectations and even higher anticipations for the cushioning base to work. For my mixture skin, a cushion that would be hydrating in the dried-out areas but also not make me into an oily mess in my T-zone.

The tone 201 is very the standard shade 21 in comparison to most Korean Makeup brands which is equivalent to a color MC20 in my opinion. From what I can see online, there isn’t that many tones being only two-three tones that they provide. And this is absurd absolutely! I think the absolute BARE MINIMUM should be at least 6 shades. However they honestly didn’t even reach it. But because this is a Korean makeup brand and it is targeted to Asian women, I could realize why they just have two shades to offer somewhat.

But adding, 4 more tones couldn’t harm anyone. If anything, it could increase their market. When first applying the building blocks, it sensed like any other regular foundation. It was hydrating, it was light to touch, and it combined very well. You have sufficient play time that you should get a good mix and distribute the product evenly. At first the building blocks shows your natural pores and skin consistency through and sometimes this is not flattering (particularly if you have large pores). But the magic happens after a few moments.

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The structure and the consistency of the product changes from a radiant end to a semi-matte finish that blurs your defects. It’s incredibly comfortable as though you’re wearing a very light level of powder. Your skin literally feels as though velvet. Unlike other cushion foundations that also transform from liquid to powder, this formula will not clump up or get taken. You can reapply on areas that wear off and it won’t even build-up.

It’s truly a fantastic base. The sponge isn’t anything out of this world but I do appreciate the triangular pinch to 1 the cushion to allow easy blending through the harder to reach places on the face. But what appealed to me the most is the rainbow, holographic, glittery design on leading. This is the basis to have in your collection if you like an all natural to semi-matte surface finish.