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Quisenberry got perfect control; Smith got below-average control. Quisenberry (for six years) could regularly induce fragile contact; Smith allowed higher BABIPs than you’d expect always. Quisenberry had a remarkably high peak (one of the better seasons ever, and maybe the best six-year stretch ever), Smith was very proficient at his top simply.

Let’s progress a little to Keith Foulke! Foulke had one of the best changeups of his era, along with a fastball and occasional slider, and he could put any of them wherever he desired. Foulke developed the Giants at 24 (1997) but did not impress and was exchanged to the White Sox midseason. Foulke, both by virtue of pitch style and selection was a flyball pitcher and early in his profession batters were able to take him deep with some rate of recurrence.

Foulke at his maximum was excellent; from ’98-04, he was the next best reliever in baseball (behind Rivera of course). For the White Sox he was monstrous routinely, from ’99 to ’02 adding a 2.58 ERA and 96 save. Then your A’s exchanged for him pumped up his value with plenty of saves (2.08 ERA, 43 saves in 2005) then let him hit restricted free company where he was snatched up by the Red Sox.

He had one really good year to them but at 32 accidental injuries sapped his innings, his stuff, and his capability to keep balls in the recreation area. He was done soon thereafter. Up next, the section that loved Tom Gordon! His K% exploded and his walks actually fell to league average or better, and abruptly when healthy he was one of the very best five relievers in the game. Possible; he enough was certainly good.

But he didn’t get to the bullpen until he was 30, and his time as a beginner isn’t at a level necessary to help much. “Flash” Gordon was one of the best relievers in the overall game at the switch of the century. Worth an Honorable Mention. As effective as a reliever can maintain 723 innings About, Jonathan Papelbon!

Papelbon didn’t pitch long (only ten full months and never more than 70 IP in a 12 months) but he was fantastic when he pitched. Perhaps similarly impressive was his postseason performance; in 27 innings he set up 1.64 WPA, including 0.55 in the global world Series against Colorado. His was the best WPA for the Red Sox in that series.