An Increase In Resting HEARTRATE

A heartrate profile is made of continuous dimension of heartrate before, during and after exercise, typically in the context of a fitness stress test. It contains important clinical parameters such as resting heart rate, maximal heartrate during exercise, and loss of heart rate in the recovery phase.

An upsurge in resting heart rate, a reduction in heart rate elevation in response to exercise, and a delay in heartrate recovery are significant predictors of sudden loss of life (Cole et al. 1999; Jouven et al. These measurements, when produced from a controlled exercise stress test regime, have high intra-individual reproducibility over three years, indicating their usefulness as a diagnostic tool (Orini et al.

Heart rate variables and information have been assessed and constructed with exercise stress testing under controlled conditions. This is performed with a fitness treadmill in a lab setting. Several recent studies have assessed the accuracy of popular wrist-worn wearable fitness trackers (Dooley et al. 2017; Shcherbina et al. They discovered that while energy expenditure estimations are often less accurate, the measurements of heart rate are generally considered accurate. These findings suggest that it ought to be possible to extract heart rate dynamics information before, during, and after a fitness event, which may be defined without accurate dimension of energy expenses easily. Here, we present a new open source R package called CardiacProfileR.

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It is designed to efficiently extract heart rate and exercise data from a Training Center XML (TCX) document which is produced by the most modern fitness tracking devices. CardiacProfileR can identify intervals of active exercise from the data, and build a heart rate profile for each period of energetic exercise. This package produces interactive visualisation of one or multiple heartrate information in two sizes or three measurements. This enables comparison and aggregation of data from multiple periods of exercise or comparison between multiple people. As as we realize far, CardiacProfileR is the first open source R package that provides an end-to-end analysis framework for wearable fitness sensor data.

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