Discovering the Gems of Cairo: A City Sightseeing Tour

Discovering the Gems of Cairo: A City Sightseeing Tour 1

The Magnificent Pyramids of Giza

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Pyramids of Giza are an absolute must-visit attraction on a Cairo city sightseeing tour. Built around 2500 BC, the pyramids were constructed as tombs for the Pharaohs of Egypt and their queens. The Great Pyramid of Giza, the largest among the three, stands at a towering height of 147 meters and is a remarkable feat of engineering. Visitors can explore the interiors of the pyramids and be amazed by the intricate maze of corridors and chambers from ancient times. The Great Sphinx, situated in the surrounding complex, is another iconic landmark that should not be missed. Explore this detailed article the subject discussed in this piece further by checking out the suggested external site. Inside, you’ll uncover extra information and an alternative perspective on the topic. Egypt pyramids tour!

Discovering the Gems of Cairo: A City Sightseeing Tour 2

The Enchanting Islamic Cairo

Another fascinating attraction on a Cairo city sightseeing tour is the Islamic Cairo district. The heart of the old Islamic city, it houses numerous mosques, madrassas, and bazaars that reflect the rich cultural and historical heritage of Egypt. The majestic Al-Azhar Mosque, built in the 10th century, is a significant religious and educational center of the Muslim world. Visitors can wander the narrow streets and alleyways of the Khan El Khalili Bazaar and soak in the vibrant and lively atmosphere of the market.

The Timeless Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum, located in Tahrir Square, is a treasure trove of ancient Egyptian artifacts and history. Built in 1901, it is home to an incredible collection of over 120,000 items, including pharaonic antiquities, mummies, and funerary objects. Visitors can explore the museum’s many halls, including the Tutankhamen exhibition, to marvel at some of the most exquisite pieces of Egyptian art and craftsmanship. The museum’s highlight is undoubtedly the golden mask of Tutankhamen, one of the most recognizable symbols of ancient Egypt.

The Majestic Citadel of Salah El Din and the Alabaster Mosque

The Salah El Din Citadel, constructed in the 12th century, is a magnificent fortress atop a hill that offers breathtaking views of Cairo. It houses several significant structures, including the Muhammad Ali Mosque, commonly known as the Alabaster Mosque. The stunning mosque is made entirely out of alabaster, a white stone with a translucent appearance, and is an architectural marvel with intricate ornamentation that reflects the Ottoman style.

The Serene Nile River

Cairo is situated on the banks of the Nile River, which is the longest river in the world. A Cairo city sightseeing tour is not complete without a tranquil boat ride along the river, offering visitors stunning views of the city’s landmarks and scenic beauty. The Felucca boats, the traditional wooden sailboats of Egypt, are a popular choice and offer a peaceful and relaxing journey that provides a fantastic opportunity for capturing stunning photographs.

In conclusion, Cairo is a fascinating destination that offers a glimpse into the culture, history, and art of ancient Egypt. A city sightseeing tour in Cairo is an unforgettable experience that should definitely be on your bucket list. From the Pyramids of Giza to the Islamic Cairo district, from the Egyptian Museum to the Citadel of Salah El Din, and the serene Nile River, Cairo has something for everyone. So, pack your bags and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! Dive deeper into the topic with this recommended external content. Egypt pyramids tour, uncover fresh viewpoints!