New Study Puts A Price On Drug-resistant TB Cases In EU

New Study Puts A Price On Drug-resistant TB Cases In EU 1

The research, released online today (16 August 2013), in the European Respiratory Journal, is the first research to estimate the costs of the disease lately. The experts separated the countries into two groupings predicated on their gross domestic product (GDP) per person. The authors calculated that of the full total treatment cost of drug-susceptible, MDR-TB, and XDR-TB cases in 2011 was €536,890,315. The experts also computed the disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) caused by TB. DALYs are a way of measuring disease burden, taking a look at the number of years lost credited to ill-health, impairment, or early death.

The final number of years lost amounted to 103,104 in 2011. When mentioned in monetary conditions, this amounted to €5,361,408,000. The findings come ahead of the release of the European Lung White Book, a comprehensive publication that provides burden and cost data for a variety of respiratory system diseases and risk factors. The figures in this study have shown that the burden of TB on both economy and on society in Europe is huge, particularly with the increasing problem of drug-resistant strains. The widely used BCG vaccine was introduced in 1921; it is out of date and has unpredictable success in avoiding TB. It is time to make investments more of our resources in avoiding this incapacitating condition.

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