Know Before You Owe: You’ll Get 3 Days TO EXAMINE Your Mortgage Closing Documents

Know Before You Owe: You’ll Get 3 Days TO EXAMINE Your Mortgage Closing Documents 1

On October 3, 2015, the Know Before You Owe mortgage rule goes into effect. Among the important requirements of the rule means that you’ll receive your brand-new, easier-to-use closing document, the Closing Disclosure, three business times before closing. This will give you more time to understand your mortgage costs and terms, so you know before you owe.

Giving you three business times to review your Closing Disclosure before you sign on the dotted line was created to protect you from surprises at the shutting table. It also gives you time to seek advice from with your attorney or housing counselor and have the questions it’s likely you have about the terms of your mortgage. Will the new mortgage disclosures hold off my closing? The answer is no for about everyone just.

Here’s a fact sheet to clarify some questions about the three-day review period. When there is a noticeable change to anybody of three, very specific, and incredibly important items, the lender must give you another three business times to examine the up to date disclosure. Over the last year or two, we’ve taken many steps, including publishing guides, templates, and webinars, to aid industry implementation of the Know Before You Owe mortgage rule so that lenders and financial institutions can effectively adhere to the rule. Find out about our work to make the mortgage process easier to get around for consumers and the resources open to lenders and finance institutions.

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