Impressions Vanity Mirror

Okay, do you want the “real” on what I believe about this mirror? I love everything about any of it! I had formed seen this Impressions vanity reflection highlighted on other bloggers everyone and sites seemed to love it. I thought since I have been looking for a new vanity mirror myself I’d wear it my Christmas list and find out if Santa delivered. Although I had developed to wait a little much longer because this mirror was on back again order ( they seem to be completely stocked now) it arrived New Year’s Eve and I got eventually to test it out with my NYE look.

I was a little leary originally that the lights wouldn’t be shiny enough for what I was looking for, but upon further inspection, they are amazing and changeable. You merely hold your finger over the circle on underneath of the mirror and the light dims or brightens. The mirror itself is a lot larger than I had fashioned anticipated also. A couple of two other features I had been intrigued to discover about this mirror. One, it is a rechargeable wireless station, so that it does not need to be connected set for use. The next feature that basically made this mirror for me is it’s Bluetooth cellular link with your phone.

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Thus, you can listen to your favorite music app or even take a call! One of my favorite gifts which i received this holiday Definitely. Not only do they sell these consumer mirrors (and to go compacts) however they also provide a more professional version if you are looking to construct a dressing room. Shop the products by below clicking on the photos! JavaScript is impaired in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

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