Why Do Some Americans Call THE UNITED STATES THE BEST Country On Earth?

Why Do Some Americans Call THE UNITED STATES THE BEST Country On Earth? 1

Because some people believe it’s true. A previous history of defeating colonialism, fascism, dictatorships, diseases, the slave trade, slavery, legal Communism, and racism. The world looks to the USA and its own strong allies for leadership when it’s time to oppose evil forces. AMERICA is far from perfect, but in some way winds through to the side of prosperity, freedom, justice, innovation, and liberty. A history of creativity in literature, art, films, television, computers, engineering, aerospace, science, athletics, business, the humanities, and music. The strongest economy, the agricultural sector and armed forces in the global world and a safe haven for investments from all over the world.

When times get challenging, foreign traders vote for the United States with their money, sending their resources to america for safekeeping. Great universities, the most Nobel Prize winners, and an attractive destination for leading innovators and thinkers from all over the world. The headquarters of the US. A country with many others in the world long to enter.

The United States debates the best ways to keep people from the country, and always has more candidates for residence than places available. A motto: In God We Trust. Providence blessed the united states with tremendous natural resources and a good geographic position in the global world. In the twentieth century, America was said to be running out of coal and oil, and dependent upon the center East fully, Venezuela, and foreign nations because of its oil. 1 producer of coal and oil.

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