How To Fix Set User Settings To Driver Failed Error

How To Fix Set User Settings To Driver Failed Error 1

Every laptop includes a touchpad to help us get around the Windows OS. I favor a mouse because it is more convenient, precise comfortably, and saves time. Now, some users are reporting one which is breaking the touchpad’s efficiency. The Set user settings to the driver failed error occurs when you boot your computer mostly, but that is not the case always. Without wasting additional time, let’s dive headfirst and check out a few workarounds that will resolve this error, to enable you to get back to work.

Microsoft released another major revise a couple of days back, versions 1903, which set a great deal of pests and brought some new features. See when there is an update available and if yes, update immediately to see if the error is resolved. I shortcut to release click and Configurations on the Upgrade & Security option. Check for updates under the Windows Update tab on the left. Though not always necessary, depends upon the update, I would suggest rebooting your computer once.

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Search for and open Device Manager from the Windows Search. Double-click on Mice and other pointing devices. My Lenovo came with Synaptics Pointing Device. Now right-click on the pointing device’s name and upgrade your drivers which should fix any drivers-related issues. You can also download the necessary motorists from the manufacturers’ formal website depending on your make and model. Are you experiencing Alps Pointing Device instead detailed? If yes, and only when updating the drivers fails to resolve the error, click on Uninstall device. That is because Alps Pointing Device has been recognized to cause this mistake for some right time now, and the Lenovo team knows this. Maybe that’s why newer models come with Synaptics?

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