How To Create A SOLID Profile (On Freelance Exchange Websites Like PeoplePerHour, Guru, Etc)

How To Create A SOLID Profile (On Freelance Exchange Websites Like PeoplePerHour, Guru, Etc) 1

Many freelance Web content authors are wonderfully talented but battle to find a continuous blast of paid work. Often this is because they market their skills in a haphazard way, without working to a strategy. Establishing an online existence can be an essential part of such a technique. By positioning yourself online as a go-to Web content writer you’ll steadily forge a reputation as a specialist in your field and get stable work as an outcome. Companies worldwide post paid writing careers on these sites that writers may then make a bet for.

This article will describe how to create your profile: what things to include, what to leave out, and how to set yourself apart – to increase your prospects of having paid writing tasks ‘on touch’, all-year-round. Don’t just sign-up with the website, log in and start keying in up your profile and uploading your collection samples. Take some right time to believe it all through first.

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Grab a pad and pen, and brainstorm ideas. Mindmap it. Take as long as you need. To get ideas (but without copying) read other writers’ profiles. What do they say about their skills, experience, payment conditions, etc? Read through half-a-dozen information and make rough notes. Not only will this give you ideas, it can help you get more of a feel for the sites as well. Now start typing up a rough first draft of your profile in Microsoft Word. Write several drafts and then print the document and allow it ‘rest’ for a few days.

Go for short sentences and a straightforward writing style. Remember, you’re offering to write, so the way your profile is written will be potential clients’ first impression of your writing standard and style. Keep it honest. Don’t oversell or overclaim. Keep it positive. Don’t say what you can’t do. Focus only on what you can. Adopt a customer-focused state of mind.

Don’t ramble on and do not just brag in what a great article writer you are. Set yourself somehow apart. There are thousands of writers worldwide. Why are you different? Is your writing witty? Are you cheaper than the others? Are you vastly experienced? Are you a distinct segment writer who specializes on paper about travel?

Whatever separates you from the others, focus on that and include it on in your profile early. You could include it in your profile headline even. You never know, if it’s there in big bold letters you may just snag the interest of the potential client who is looking for someone exactly like you.