I Need ASSIST WITH Makeup Application And Brands?

I Need ASSIST WITH Makeup Application And Brands? 1

I need help with makeup program and brands? Hi I’m 14 years old and I don’t wear makeup. This is due to the fact of the bad reactions I seem to have while use it. The reactions include swelling and welts. My friends recommended clinque.. I included some pictures of me in hopes that you’ll have ideas about what colors would work on me. By the real way, my eyes are extremely unique. They’re DARK green. I have freckles pretty much all over the place, which I don’t mind..

I’d actually choose if they weren’t covered up. Oh and I haven’t any acne or skin blemishes (I’ve never had them). Good genes I assume. So feel free to take a look at those and tell me your thoughts. HollyNadia.jpg In this one I am on your own right (the lighter skinned one). Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing your suggestionsI need help with makeup application and brands?

I would begin with basic things and then work your way into a complete face. Mascara, natural shadows, blush, and lipgloss is an excellent starting place. But if you will not to go all in I would recommend pinks and purples to enhance your eyes.I need help with makeup application and brands?

You could try a tinted moisturizer which has light coverage I would recommend department stores brands like Clinique or Dior. Your cheeks are normally red therefore i wouldn’t recommend blush perhaps a bronzer. Some mascara would look nice too and curl your lashes. And by the true way I think your eyes are hazel. My grand daughter just googled videos and put in constitute application for teens and found several good videos.

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