A-list Interior Designer Launches £10.7m Business Empire

A-list Interior Designer Launches £10.7m Business Empire 1

An A-list interior designer who began her company with a £40 website after hitting rock bottom discloses how she switched her furniture business into a £10.7m empire. The website, which launched in February 2016, was basic and cost only around £40 to set up. But the very successful brand and relationship is not without heartache on the way – as the set experienced four unsuccessful IVF tries and devastatingly lost two infants.

Now, they have welcomed their first litttle lady Yasmin, 12 weeks old, into the global world – and are established to make over £10. this year 7m from their business by the finish of. Selling £1million of furniture in the first year was incredible,’ Layla explained. This began as much as a passion project as a business and it’s really been amazing to change so many homes.

Layla’s (pictured) friends were always going to her home and admiring her furniture. She accepted that design is definitely a interest of hers and that she’d accumulated contacts in different areas of bespoke furniture workmanship along the years. It was always Layla’s wish to have an home design business and throughout her twenties, she helped various celebrities using their homes. It started with friends going to my home and loving the furniture I had developed,’ she explained. I began assisting family and friends source and create bespoke items of furniture because of their own homes.

Share 1.4k stocks ‘One of my first paying clients was a good friend of mine, Claudia Valentine from “Posh Pawn” We stay great friends, so she must have been happy! Although a huge dream of hers, the timing to create properly was never right for Layla. She married her partner Dan in 2014 after meeting in ’09 2009 back, they went from an all time high to hitting very cheap and losing everything, and needing to move in with their parents again.

Life was amazing and we were on a higher, having had our dream wedding and gone on our dream honeymoon to the Bahamas off,’ said Layla. It was difficult, but we’d never had mentors running a business and experienced to learn certain lessons to be able to force on again. But the next blow arrived when the few were informed that they might have to start IVF if they ever wanted children.

When we transferred back with my mum in 2015, we’d been trying for a baby for about 2 yrs with no success,’ she described. Luxury furniture brand HOS Home, which is popular amongst a whole host of celebrities and influencers alike. It was devastating Naturally. I result from a big Persian family and it’s really something Dan and I had discussed a lot.

She continuing: ‘It hit us hard. I recall waking up in the mornings feeling like I put a black cloud over me. But while it was a difficult period on their behalf both, Layla believes working helped get her though. And after getting into rented accommodation to get some good space, the theory for House of Sparkles (now HOS Home) was born. Having acquired another failed IVF round, and everyone together with each other within my mums, we decided to get on monitor and transfer to our own rented place back again,’ she described. The couple’s first celebrity customer was Denise Van Outen, who purchased a Hollywood reflection and they upholstered a unique footstool on her behalf.

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After several rounds of failed IVF, Layla said it was ‘incredibly hard’ on her behalf to pick herself backup each time but got no choice as the couple were at a crucial time in their business. She continuing: ‘For the last 3 years, I had developed spoken to Dan about wanting to begin a furniture business. I love interior design and glam furniture, but always gulped at the steep prices when visiting my favorite designer and boutique shops.

Then one past due January night time, having been targeted by a furniture company on Instagram, Layla showed Dan her idea. He said, “right, let’s do it,” whilst turning off the tv and sitting up. The few both knew there was a gap searching for affordable luxury and exclusive products, and that very night they developed the name and drew out a small business plan and surely got to work.