Thriving After Sexual Abuse

Thriving After Sexual Abuse 1

Through the years, I’ve worked with many sexual maltreatment survivors. I educate them reasons for having managing triggers and injury reactions and carry witness with their story plus they teach me things about the power of the individual’s spirit, about triumph and victory. Not long ago, I became familiar with one of your readers, Carissa Magras, who happens to be a childhood sexual abuse survivor. I there to see you, lying on your bed listening to music; talking on the phone with friends and family; hanging out at the movies. I know how on the outside you appear to be a typical teen, but on the inside you feel ragged, cracked, and bruised.

I start to see the look on your face, but I understand the deep pain that hides behind it. I want you to know a few things that no-one told us at that age, during that time. I know these things I must say might feel up to now out of reach, or incomprehensible currently that you are in; but trust that they are true.

I have been where you are. I am you. And this is what I wish we would have known then lower back. Hindsight is 20/20. As a grown-up now, I see our child years in a different way than whenever I was immersed in it. As a child and teenager, it was impossible for me personally to start to see the truth because I was too hear it all; like attempting to learn a piece of newspaper smashed up against my face. I couldn’t see obviously or know how to accurately seem sensible of situations. It was our parent’s job to notice that truth for us.

And our educators. And therapists. And all the other people who are supposed to be safe, and care for us as kids growing into men and women. However, many of these interpersonal people failed us. Some of those men and women weren’t grown up enough to see the truth for us, and therefore take action to protect us. As a result of this the blame was felt by us, shame, and guilt.

It messed with our head when father violated us at just five years old, in a way that is meant for a husband and wife. Year old guy who took our virginity when we were 15 There was something wrong recover 19, with our “consent” even. But it was not our fault.

No matter this, no matter the act. You are too close to be able to see it for what it was. It wasn’t your task to protect yourself. It had been the duty of the men and women in your life. And I’m sorry that they failed us. Some did it intentionally, but most were clueless.

I have found since that time that many individuals are actually just kids still racking your brains on how growing up. If it makes things much better, a lot of those adults have recognized their mistakes, apologized, and modified their ways sincerely. No one is perfect. Most of us live, learn, and develop. But no real matter what, don’t blame yourself, of the circumstances regardless, for the options another person made. Our dad… our first real sweetheart… and everyone else who chose to use us instead of love us… these were excellent at manipulating and making us feel just like something was wrong around.

The only thing that was incorrect, were the options they made. Everything you feel is not who you are. You are not stained or damaged. What happened might dictate your feelings, but it generally does not define who you are as a person. I understand you than anyone better. And I have never met someone with just as much strength, endurance, courage, and compassion. There was something wrong with using what they did, but there was nothing wrong along with you.

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And what you might be feeling or going through right now because of this, is normal given what you have experienced. It is difficult to find your self-worth when people who you love and trust, disfigure that self-worth at such an age. I know you are feeling like zilch right now.

I know you are so insecure even when you run into so confident. I understand your fears, and the question you feel every day. I know how we don’t think you are worthy of anything good. But don’t let the activities or ideas of other people define who you are and dictate your worthiness in this world.