HOW EXACTLY TO Apply Squad Fitness Cards

HOW EXACTLY TO Apply Squad Fitness Cards 1

There’s a lot to monitor in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. Chemistry is a constant consideration, players shall run out of contract or get hurt, and you need to ensure that your squad’s fitness is at an optimum level. Without high fitness, players will run out of endurance towards the end of a casino game.

That, subsequently, negatively affects their stats in other technical areas. Therefore, you should employ fitness consumables to ensure that their fitness is really as high as it can be, or at least high enough that they’ll last a full match. Squad Fitness Cards, while often expensive to buy from the transfer market to their usefulness due, is the easiest way to quickly boost the fitness of your squad.

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Here’s all you need to know about how to apply Squad Fitness Cards in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. Once you have obtained a Squad Fitness card from either a pack a Daily Objective, or from the transfer market in FIFA 19, you will need to check out your squad display screen to use it.

When looking at your squad, press triangle/Y to bring up the Squad Actions menu. Then, scroll down to the Apply Squad Training Item option and select it. Then, all the Squad Fitness consumables that you have in your club can look. Choose which you want to apply and press X Simply. Then, the fitness of all of your squad will be boosted. In the event that you apply Squad Fitness cards in FIFA 19 regularly as you play, you players should now be at 99 fitness and ready for the next match. That’s all you need to know about how to apply Squad Fitness cards in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. For more guidelines on the game, be sure to check out our considerable FIFA 19 wiki guide.

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