The Two Women The Project Host Tommy Little Dated FROM YOUR Bachelor

The Project’s Tommy Little ruffled the feathers of Australia’s new Bachelor Matt Agnew on Wednesday night, when he admitted he had dated not just one previously, but two of the astrophysicist’s bachelorettes. And today the identities of the lucky girls may actually have been uncovered. What would Matt think? Both women The Project host Tommy Little dated in the Bachelor have been revealed, regarding to To Love Now.

It began with Tommy slipping into Jess’ DMs plus they would text one another,’ an ‘insider’ allegedly informed the publication. Tommy didn’t know Jess would be within the Bachelor – but he absolutely sure knows now! The good looking Channel 10 personality also allegedly conversed with Abbie via immediate messaging on a separate occasion, but this right time she approached him.

Abbie approached Tommy by slipping into his DMs,’ the ‘source’ described. Daily Mail Australia has already reached out to Channel 10 for comment. It comes after new Bachelor Matt stepped out for last-minute press rounds ahead of the season premiere on Wednesday. While chatting to the 32-year-old scientist, The Project web host Carrie Bickmore revealed that co-host Tommy once dated two of Matt’s contestants.

Laughing from the comment, Matt replied: ‘Yes, as a prolific dater, Tommy, it would have been weirder if you weren’t associated with one of them’. Share 47 stocks Carrie then asked the comedian if experienced anything to say to Matt or the contestants who he dated, to which Tommy replied: ‘I feel it is a genuine step up for them. And they will look at me and go back, “Is it possible to believe we began in the bottom and now we’re here?” Good luck.

Laughing off the comment, Matt replied: ‘Yes, as a prolific dater, Tommy, it would have been weirder if you weren’t linked to one of them’. At one point during the interview, Matt exposed the main reason he signed up for the dating show was that he has had no luck after several attempts at a relationship.

I don’t think there was anything incorrect with myself or how I was approaching romance,’ he said. While doing his press circuit, the 32-year-old revealed he computes four times a week and uses 2, 500 calorie consumption a day to keep his athletic amount. Good luck. Thank you’: The Project’s Tommy responded to the bombshell, replying: ‘I feel it is a genuine step up to them. And they will look back again at me and go, ‘Can you believe we started at the bottom and today we’re here?

Matt revealed a few of the extreme lengths he goes into attaining a Bachelor body. Smallzy asked him: ‘You are very buff. Ladies, he’s got big hands. How often do you strike the gym? He’s a unit, you’re actually a unit. Do you take your shirt off in the series? I mean, you’ve seen the promos, a few of it is blatant!

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