What’s THE TRUE Difference?

What’s THE TRUE Difference? 1

What’s the true Difference? Louisville, CO, August 10th 2015 – at New Path IRA Here, we make it important to empower our clients with impartial information about their investment choices so they can make proficient investment decisions. If you have a self-directed IRA accounts with New Direction IRA, you’re more than likely already alert to your ability to invest in platinum, metallic, and other valuable metals with your IRA money. Companies that endorse the thought of home storage don’t always paint the whole picture regarding benefits, risks, and rules of at-home storage space vs.

IRA administrator. These ongoing companies usually send you to your own legal counsel for advice on the process. You can rely on New Direction to communicate the relatively unknown information regarding at-home metals storage that you need to produce a fully informed decision about your valuable metals IRA. • The IRS is notified that your IRA is the owner of the LLC each year. • Metals investment choices are severely limited.

• The IRA owner must supply the IRA service provider with a third party confirmation of the value of the LLC including any metals and any cash it owns. • Insurance for home stored metals is unattainable at any reasonable price. • Safe Deposit box-storage space is not covered by the lender and even though insurance is available from select vendors, it is expensive. • The metals still participate in the IRA, not to you, so you must avoid any prohibited transactions with them usually your IRA is at risk. An example of this would be pledging the metals for a personal loan or taking personal ownership of the metals directly.

• Distributions of metals or other assets possessed by the LLC must go first to the IRA supplier to be reported to the IRS. • Providing space for storage for the LLC possessions at your individual residence, in your personal safe, in your individual yard, may be a prohibited transaction.

• The LLC will need to have a business bank account which may have regular monthly fees. Per calendar year or even more 65. • IRA provider annual fees for LLCs tend to be higher than for direct metals ownership. • Bookkeeping for the LLC must be maintained by the IRA owner. • Annual reporting and state filing fees may be needed for the LLC.

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• LLC setup and legal fees are required. • If the IRS asserts a prohibited transaction occurred, the burden of evidence is on the taxpayer to ensure that the IRA holder didn’t get a personal benefit. In taxes court you are usually presumed guilty until you confirm.

• The IRA supplier does not alert the IRS that your IRA is the owner of metals. • You might spend money on any allowed metals. • You pick from an array of depository companies specializing in holding metals. • You might take a distribution of or sell the metals anytime. • You do not need to supply the IRA provider annual confirmation of the value as this is done automatically by the IRA provider.

• Insurance is roofed in the depository charge for any metals stored. • There is practically no possibility of you having a prohibited transaction. • Banking bookkeeping and accounts are roofed in IRA supplier fees. • IRA providers often have lower annual IRA fees for metals than any other asset. • Depositories offer either specific item storage or commingled storage space at the option.

• There is no condition reporting required by you. • No LLC creation fees or legal charge is needed. • IRA can prepare yourself and set up to produce a purchase significantly faster. For most investment strategies, there are multiple factors in play when making the best choice. Education about IRS regulations is crucial to making knowledgeable IRA investment decisions. For New Direction members, our numerous educational programs and materials supply the best information in the industry. Use this chart as an instant reference guide to compare the risks, costs, and duties of direct IRA ownership verses IRA LLC home storage of your precious metals assets. To find out more on New Direction’s GOLD AND SILVER COINS IRA, and IRA/LLC options, please visit our silver IRA website, so that as always, happy investing!