HHSE Investor Relations

HHSE Investor Relations 1

Greetings Friends & Followers of Hannover House (OTC: HHSE). Day of the calendar one-fourth As we enter this last, HHSE management is providing thanks for the opportunity we have been given to build and change the business in this evolving world market place. The business’s struggle as an “independent film distributor” has produced only inconsistent results, with ever diminishing consumer demand for physical DVD units in the face of “better ideals” on offer from digital loading services.

We have fought valiantly – trying different marketing strategies, and expanding into theatrical releases in the hopes of capturing those preceding sales achievements that were obtained in prior years. But alas, viewers and consumers have grown demanding and tight. The proliferation of the web has provided an instantaneous means of “sinking” indie films – even though most indie releases are not designed for mainstream audiences – and this has further exacerbated the decline of the indie film community.

So, what’s the perfect solution is to building HHSE into a successful media company? MYFLIX. The world’s largest companies are actually recognizing what we identified 5-years back? That is why we feel that we are at THE PROPER PLACE, AT THE PROPER TIME. Yes, there will be some cleaning-up remaining from the last business plan. These old remnants of a preceding business plan are being addressed and solved – in order that they do not present an unreasonable burden or obstacle to the improvement of the new business model.

  • Grow and keep maintaining a tomato herb for 1 season
  • You will be prepared to get around your business through the difficulties that lie forward
  • 10,000 reward miles when you may spend $25,000 in world wide web purchases on your card each year
  • 3rd, I am the Secretary for the Triangle Alumnae Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • 753: Introduction to Intellectual Property
  • Recruiter or headhunter fees
  • 3 – January, February and March

If the offer is accepted the offer record must reflect the basis where the offer is accepted. Offers posted under the Public Policy/Equity procedures are authorized under these suggestions only when there are exceptional circumstances. While bargain under these recommendations is expected to be rare, appropriate recommendations for acceptance will be made. To be able to develop consistency in the interpretation and application of Treasury Regulations (TD 9007) published on July 22, 2002, a Specialty Group has been created in Austin, Texas to work these offers.

After all the potential bases have been considered, complete Exhibit 5.8.11-1 “Non-Economic Hardship Effective Tax Administration (ETA) OIC Checks Sheet.” The check sheet must be completed and delivered to the Austin group before any situations are moved. The purpose of the check sheet is to document that issues other than Public Policy/Equity ETA have been evaluated and to provide information on the non-economic ETA factors present.

The completed check sheet and a duplicate of the entire Form 656 should be faxed to offer Group Manager in Austin. The sender should include a copy of any letter or document shown by the taxpayer to support the special circumstances. The combined group will evaluate the information and react to the sender within 10 workdays.

This response will either be an explanation of why the taxpayers offer cannot be investigated under Public Policy/Equity ETA provisions, or a demand to transfer the offer to the Austin group. If the Austin group decides that the given information provided requires further analysis, the sender will be notified to transfer the situation to Austin.

The sender should contact the taxpayer by phone and recommend the taxpayer of the results of the collectibility and liability servings of the offer investigation prior to transfer. If the taxpayer can’t be reached by telephone then a standard transfer notice should be delivered. The file should be sent by overnight mail on Form 3210 to the Austin group.