Well, it’s hard to master. We fear so much making a blunder, to do something foolish, of looking ridiculous and we are afraid of failures. I told myself I had been afraid of spending time, throwing away paper, throwing away paint, and throwing away my mind with be concerned but really I used to be scared of declining. Somehow I acquired through it and painted this very neat, careful, pinched, teeny, restricted, and very lame safe watercolor of the white and yellow bowl with teeny little, weeny yellow flowers little.

It was kinda sweet, not all THAT embarrassing, and I forged on. In this specific article I’m going to offer you an exercise that if you have never painted with water colors, will give you the self-confidence to forge on, so stick with me. Those little kids we send off to college come trudging home in the afternoon using their paintings of wild colors, peculiar designs, eyes, and ears that float over the page, and they’re magnificent in their give up on and innocence. We need that same abandon. Truthfully they are just as fine as Salvador Picasso or Dali. Don’t you think so?

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I have my grandson’s masterpiece on my wall right now, framed and everything, and it’s wonderful. Ask you child to tell you about the painting, and never ever discourage his initiatives. Children’s Art is ideal art. Anyway here’s how you get started. Buy a huge pad of cheap sketch paper, a complete lot of cheap watercolor paints, (one particular little boxes with sweet little squares, ) some big brushes and go in a room by yourself.

Decide to spend your time, paper, paint, and your mind for at least two hours. Throw the paint on. Play with water, dabble and dab and become a child. Is a simple approach Here? On your own sketch pad, draw a large couple of grapes. Together with your small brush to paint a few grapes with clear water, (don’t allow the damp grapes touch) then lightly dab some colors round the edges of every grape, you can use purple, green, pink, or whatever suits your nice.

You will discover the paint spread and blend into something quite fairly. This is how water color should look, light, clear, clean, and blended. When you feel a little more comfortable with the paint, water, and yourself, treat you to ultimately a watercolor pad of paper and find yourself a huge flower.

Get a genuine beauty from the lawn and put it in a cup in front of you, then brush water around your paper, and begin adding color in slim washes. You might be really amazed at the results. I often focus on a light pencil outline I color one petal with clear water then.