Is It A Business Communication Skill Or Behavior?

Is It A Business Communication Skill Or Behavior? 1

I don’t stop talking about communication and how it can affect everything in business or our personal lives. Last week a colleague explained the way they didn’t trust their supervisor. After a lot of ‘what does that mean’ and ‘why’ questions, I decided the problem: communication. Today’s post is to analyze whether building trust is a business communication skill or behavior.

I’m voting it’s both! The reason why people trust or don’t start using what we tell them. If I say I will offer you a raise, or promote you, or call you on Tuesday at 5 PM, that’s the first step in the communication process, however the first step in building trust also.

If I had fashioned never made those promises, there would be nothing at all to consider in conditions of trust. Now, of course, easily don’t follow through with my commitments, you question whether you can believe what I tell you then; i.e., the behavior. The old adage of “actions speak louder than words” applies here.

Building trust starts as a business communication skill and ends with the outcome, the behavior. What we should inform people or in some cases, don’t inform them, is the beginning of the trust. We aren’t blessed trusting or not; as infants we don’t have an understanding of the concept of trust. Once we develop, trust becomes something we learn. Experience and repetition of activities are what teach children to trust or not, as the entire case may be. The same is true, even as we grow into adults and function in the workplace. We might come to the workplace trusting everyone, and through experience and disappointment we recognize we were perhaps unwise. How did that happen? Because we were informed things by people we’d no reason to believe weren’t being honest and discovered that what they said and what they do were not congruent.

This is the core goal of any growth-oriented business and it can’t be achieved without sufficient delegation of expert and responsibility. In the lack of a close monitoring, supervising, and performance evaluation system, the delegation of expert and responsibility can lead to deviation from the primary objective and objectives of the business. The central values and principles of the business may be compromised if the average person who has been delegated with the serious responsibility is unfit for the job. Therefore, the delegation process must be scientifically carried out steadily and. Managers who have regularly displayed an exemplary loyalty and powerful levels in the business should be chosen for dispersal of authority. The delegation must be increased steadily in proportion with the performance and results made by the supervisor over a period of time.

Self-reliance and achievement oriented, Clair Schwan creates his own fact by living deliberately. He calls himself a “thrivalist” and he enjoys every moment of his satisfying life. Living on the prairie just northwest of Cheyenne, Wyoming, he discusses his home with Ellen, his sweetheart, and life partner. A distinguished graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, Mr. Schwan started his professional career with 4 many years of Federal service in the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. Seeking more rewarding and challenging opportunities, he switched his experience into a consulting career and offered with both small and large organizations for 15 years. The focus of Mr. Schwan’s consulting career began in physical security for the electric power industry.

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He soon shifted his focus to maintenance. In most of his talking to the profession he has focused on technical and management support of routine maintenance programs for power plants and power-delivery systems and equipment. His work has used him around the country and around the world. He has worked in almost every state and has already established many customers in Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa. A lot of his management support tasks involve program evaluation, documentation, and development.

His technical work involves evaluation of systems and equipment failures, and the development and documentation of solutions that focus on management of assets. Since 1998, Mr. Schwan has run his own consulting operation as an only proprietor, serving customer needs and in cooperation with affiliates alone. He is intimately familiar with an array of small business activities including planning and financing, marketing, client development, contracts, office management and customer support. Through his own effort, planning and commitment to frugal living concepts, Mr. Schwan became debts free and early self-retired.

He now works around his ranchette just beyond Cheyenne and acts his customers on the much less regular basis. Rather than flying across the world, Mr. Schwan loves gardening, woodworking, metal fabrication, writing, do-it-yourself projects, and is going to with others who live nearby in the slower speed of life that is easily found in Cheyenne.