The Above Computations Include Equities Only

The Above Computations Include Equities Only 1

There has been some changes to my online worth breakdown compared to the previous quarter. Equity allocation has increased from 35% to 39% (in light of all the nibbling I did lately). Cash allocation fell from 40% to 37%. The cash portion could have looked worse acquired it not been for my reward significantly.

The above computations include equities only. It does not include cash move and precious metals drag. Strangely, I am very satisfied with my comes back despite having negative earnings for both my SGD and USD-denominated portfolio in calendar year 2018. The market has been red and my portfolios were not spared. Hence, what I am experiencing is pretty normal. When I look within my multi-year performance back, I believe I am doing alright in my investment journey. 12 months and I got some income from the table 2017 have been a good. In 2018, I continued to divest positions that I’ve superficially entered in as well as fundamentally weaker counters.

  • Hold vs Redeem
  • 15% on taxable income over $9,075 to $36,900, plus
  • Title to your house (if you own it)
  • Give information on Investment Banking Security:-
  • Pay for the property with a margin loan from my broker

Hence, the majority of my portfolio losses were realized in the early part of 2018. Had I not done so, my comes back for years 2018 would be redder. In life, you win some so you lose some. So far, I was able to earn more than I lose slightly. That is a good sign and I hope this might persist. As this post is typed by me, I am reminded of what I’ve informed myself before.

The talking heads have been droning on and on in regards to a stock market collapse. I have personally done what I could through the elimination of the counters which I am unsure of or are fundamentally poor. What’s left are the counters that I am comfortable holding (of course comfort will come in various degrees with respect to the particular stock involved). As I don’t foresee myself going completely cash, I’d have to have the mental fortitude to ride it out with my current holdings and any potential stocks and shares that I’d be buying prior to the crash happens.

I am okay with this. My insurance policies lacked a Critical Illness plan. I went around searching for a plan that has an option to include a Critical Illness rider and I came across the MINDEF and MHA Group Term Life plan (with a CI rider option) by Aviva. The term life portion has a set premium as the CI rider high quality escalates with age. I’ve requested for an estimate from Aviva, which continues to be pending. Imagine my horror when the sample examination paper for one of my modules examined something that is seemingly from the syllabus.

I will be deferring said component to the following year to clean up on this out-of-syllabus subject before taking the exam. In conditions of arranging my study time, more work must be achieved in this certain area. Generally, weekends are predesignated for studying and I have completed the first run-through of the whole textbook for just one of my modules within 2 months from the course commencement. Which is perfect for readings just, it generally does not include projects.