Happy π Day!

WD Labs have  launched a new 314GB low power Pi drive to celebrate Pi Day.

 The new 314gig pi drive
The new 314gig pi drive with a model B Raspi

While we were initially underwhelmed by the 314GB capacity, having had them around for a few days, our feedback is slightly more rounded.

It’s good to see commitment from the WD Labs team to support the Pi / Diy  community and launch products into an arguably niche segment.

The best feature of the drive is it’s low power consumption.  Both the  Pi B+ and a Pi2 B+ models ran the drive with out any powered hub or a special cable.  The Pi with it’s native 2.0A power brick was sufficient to power the Hard disk. This feature along with the slim profile makes for a really compact Pi home server arrangement.

The 314gig Pi drive is indicated to be priced very competitively at around 31 USD ( http://wdlabs.wd.com/)

To be honest, we found the 314GB size limitation and the launch date of 3.14 a bit  gimmicky but all things considered, we think this a step forward.

This product along with the 1TB Pi Drive and Kit  and other accessories launched by WD Labs tells us it is taking the Pi ecosystem seriously.

(Disclosure : We were sent a couple of drives to hook up and play around by WD.)



August 31 2015 :

The WD Labs team sent us a few prototypes of their new PiDrive. We have been playing around with a bunch of these and are quite impressed with what WD Labs have come up and the small but subtle change that this development heralds for the Open Source / DIY community. Way to go WD !

What is the WD PiDrive?

It is a kit that carries a  2.5 inch, 1  TB HDD with an awesome Power / USB 3 cable , 4GB class 4 Micro SD Card and a Power brick.

WD Pi Drive and a Raspberry Pi 2 running OwnCloud 8.1
WD Pi Drive and a Raspberry Pi 2 running OwnCloud 8.1

This is a pretty clever arrangement since you no longer need a powered USB hub to run the HDD.  The entire Raspberry Pi + 1 TB HDD runs from a single power source. More importantly, It makes the Raspberry Pi server really tiny and neat. 

We have tested these drives in a variety of servers and have not found any errors.  The drives we got were formatted EXT4.  The final shipped out versions may be different though.

WD Labs team tell us that the  PiDrive is on sale from the 31st of August 2015.

WD Labs have sent us a 35% off regular price coupon code for the WD PiDrive.

US Customers  : http://store.wdc.com/promo/96259800

UK Customers : http://store.wdc.com/promo/96259700

35% off coupon code: WDPiDrive111 (limited qty offer)

No info about this product at the WD store for other regions yet.

WDPiDrive Flyer1
WDPiDrive Flyer1

WD Pi Drive Flyer2
WD Pi Drive Flyer2