Raspberry Pi 3 & Pi 2 projects for Beginners

The Raspberry Pi is an awesome piece of Tech.  It’s low power consumption, incredibly small footprint and Linux makes it ideal for projects that turn it into a little server that runs 24 hours and costs about 10$ a year doing whatever it is that you set it up for.

If you own a Raspberry Pi 3 or an earlier variant of the Raspberry Pi  or one of its clones like the Banana Pi / Pro and are curious about some of the things you can do with it or you have an old PC lying about and wondering what you can do with it, then this is where you can be inspired.

This site is aimed at people like myself ; diy enthusiasts with very little or no prior experience of Raspberry Pi or Linux.

Some of the starter Raspberry Pi projects you could be looking at are :

……and many more….

I hope you find this useful!

Note : Raspberry Pi is produced by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Please visit www.raspberrypi.org to know more.

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