The Raspberry Pi 3 Review

The Magic Continues… Here is our Raspberry Pi 3 review.

raspberry pi 3
raspberry pi 3

Pros :

  • Faster.
  • Built in WiFi & Bluetooth
  • 35$ Price tag
  • Backward compatibility.

Cons :

  • 2.5A Power brick
  • No Gigabit Ethernet yet

The Raspberry Pi 3  has now evolved to a stage where it can replace an ageing desktop PC.  The BCM2837 SoC (System on a Chip) and  the 64-bit ARM Cortex A53 quad core processor running at 1.2GHz means that the Pi 3 now has quite  a powerful processor. It even has marginally faster graphics now clocked at 400 MHz.

What does all that mean?

The Raspberry Pi 3 is about 50% faster compared to a Pi 2 and Raspbian and Ubuntu Mate work  very well on this tiny PC for all the regular tasks of a home PC. It is fast, responsive and handles web pages, fetching files off the network,  printing and such with aplomb.

The WiFi is a big deal. No more ugly dongles sticking out or ethernet cables snaking across the floor. We were able to connect to the network with out any issues and did not notice any drops in the signal while streaming a video across a NAS device.

Physically, the Pi 3 is almost identical to the Pi 2  and occupies the same footprint. More importantly, It is backward compatible and SD cards and programs running on a Pi 2 will work with any modifications on the Pi 3.

Conclusion :

The magic continues. The addition of the Wireless connectivity and faster more powerful processors makes for an exciting future in the small server, sensor networks and IOT powered device spaces.

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